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Aquaculture has recently become the fastest growing segment

Aquaculture has recently become the fastest growing segment of the animal agriculture industry as a response to the dwindling number of aquatic animals caught in the wild. For over 15 years PERMEVA has worked alongside fish and shrimp feed manufacturers in developing superior feed additive solutions to assist them in improving the quality of their products. The industry continues to thrive and grow; however, today’s aquaculture feed manufacturers and producers face complex challenges. Aligning our R&D initiatives to find solutions to these challenges is a priority for PERMEVA.

As pioneers in the aquaculture feed industry, our objective is to ensure that our manufacturing partners and the producers using their feeds enjoy the greatest yields and successes.

From gut health to mineral absorption, our nutritional technologies help aqua producers overcome challenges to support fish health and profitability.

Our aquaculture products and expertise help our customers meet the growing worldwide demand for high quality protein, while contributing to a more sustainable world by alleviating pressure to harvest wild fish.

PERMEVA Aqua’s strong team of fish health specialists and scientists are advancing sustainable aquaculture practices by combining unmatched support with advanced technologies and a broad portfolio of safe, effective products to deliver customized, effective health management solutions. We have a full range of expertise in production and operation, fish health management, disease diagnosis and vaccination.  We are proud to be a trusted partner, working hard to meet our customers’ individual needs.

We seek to optimize fish health with cutting edge research and development. Our laboratory-scale growing containers and performance testing capabilities are used for clinical studies and assessments. Our facilities are equipped to conduct studies in fresh, salt and brackish water, with the added ability to cool or heat water year-round. Our laboratory enables full diagnostic parasitology, bacteriology, histopathology and molecular-biology analysis.

Better Performance

Permeva products help achieve better performance through better animal health and nutrition and offer solutions to address worldwide pressure on the industry to conserve water and reduce its footprint. From raw material processing to farm production, Novus can help optimize production efficiency and sustainability.

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