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Equine Nutrition and Health

Horse feed additives and supplements are often necessary for equines to achieve optimal health. Feeding presents unique challenges, given that horses and other equines are natural herbivores accustomed to grazing and consistently consuming small quantities of food throughout the day. It is important to consider the animal’s digestive system and individual nutrition needs when establishing a feed program.

Our high-quality horse feed supplements and additives are designed to assist animal feed manufacturers deliver superior finished products to their customers and equine farms to provide superior nutrition to their animals.

As a champion, a companion or a working partner, our horses are highly treasured. A balanced diet and a good environment are essential prerequisites for their welfare and health. PERMEVA Nutrition Care offers nutritional supplements to boost them during critical periods

The Champion’s Choice

Horses of all classes, types, and life stages can benefit from improved digestive function. Optimal digestive function supports higher, more consistent performance, quicker recovery from stress or injury, and better appearance.

Research correlates improved digestive function and a balanced immune system with:

  • Feed digestibility and efficiency
  • Performance and recovery
  • Health and wellness

Equine digestion starts with enzymes in the saliva and small intestine and continues in the cecum and hindgut. Beneficial bacteria then ferment undigested materials enabling absorption of more nutrients. Optimizing growth of these microbes helps maintain a healthy and resilient hindgut environment while supporting immune health.

Every horse can benefit

The unique metabolites in Permeva  products support robust digestive health by balancing gut microbiota and the immune system while optimizing gut morphology. The prebiotic activity of Original PERMEVA helps nurture hindgut microbial populations, while the antioxidant activity improves immune function.

From body condition to fertility, our nutritional technologies address equine challenges to support healthy, happy horses.

We can help you with:

  • Feed efficiency
  • Mycotoxin management
  • Gut health management
  • Mineral management

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