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Overcoming today’s swine disease and stress challenges requires a healthy, stable gut environment under all conditions, during every phase of production. Healthy populations of beneficial gut bacteria help pigs resist stress and perform better.

PERMEVA’s unique product technologies support swine health and performance throughout the production cycle. These natural technologies have multiple modes of action that promote beneficial bacteria in the gut, improve overall gut integrity, and support a balanced immune system.

Research correlates a more efficient immune system and a healthier gut with:
  • Production performance
  • Feed efficiency
  • Health and wellness
Gut Health & Performance

The first stage of life is generally the most critical one. A healthy growth of the gut is a key factor of success. It helps to ensure a good feed transition to creep and starter feed. Newborn and young animals are very fragile. Their organism is immature and is strained by the rapid growth. A good start is a key factor of success. PERMEVA range provides convenient tools such as energy and immune boosters, to succeed in this all critical stage.

Solutions for Feed Quality

Your choice of swine feed additives directly affects your business. Adjusting the percentage of protein to the weight of the pig, varying the grain according to price and relative value, and determining low cost sources of protein and supplements are management decisions that affect net returns.

We strive to provide cost-effective feed additive solutions to solve the issues faced by swine feed manufacturers and pig farmers.

We understand that feed is the largest expense involved in pork production, therefore we have developed a variety of high-quality swine feed additive products to assist our partners in maximizing the effectiveness of their feeds. This in turn enhances the value proposition that they offer pork producers.

From sow productivity to meat quality, our nutritional technologies help pig producers overcome challenges to support pig health and producer profitability.

We can help you with:
  • Feed efficiency
  • Antibiotic-free production
  • Food enrichment
  • Mycotoxin management
  • Gut health management
  • Protein management
  • Enzyme management
  • Mineral management

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